What are you working towards?

Perhaps we are referred to the “human race”, because we are constantly in competition. We compete to make ends meet, for stature, for job security and growth, as well as achieving our set goals in life. Sadly, but true, us humans have created a world in which we operate like worker ants. The bulk of what we do is spent at work. For many, even after hours, when we should be relaxing, recouping and spending time with family, our careers consume our time and energy.

With that said, we have to reevaluate what we work towards, once again, in this world we have created, more than 70% of working adults do not save enough for their golden years to enjoy a life with ease and freedom. Inflation, unexpected occurrences and family emergencies could easily tap into our hard-earned life savings and retirement nest eggs.

Ideally we should reach a stage one day where we finally have the choices to reward ourselves as and when we please. The ultimate “thank you” to oneself would be to have good health and financial freedom, following decades of slaving away and building your career. Will this be the case in your life?

For over 13 years Al Dana from Doha Bank has ensured that more than 51 clients/individuals turned this exact goal into reality. How? By turning them into millionaires! Al Dana is so much more than just a traditional savings account. Every year clients stand a chance of becoming instant millionaires, with 2017 the biggest so far! By simply saving your money you stand a chance to become a millionaire with the monthly million draws, that’s right, each month a millionaire is created! What’s more; there are over 188 cash up for grabs throughout 2017!

Find out how you can be the next millionaire.

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