Transfer Your Home Loan to Doha Bank or Buy Your New Home NOW!

Only 3.99% Interest Rate and 12 Months Payment Holiday

Doha Bank Housing Loans for Qatari Nationals and Expatriate Residents in Qatar

  • Buy a new house
  • Transfer your mortgage from another bank
  • Equity release from a property you already own

Save Money with Your Doha Bank Housing Loan:

  • Lowest Rate in Qatar starting @ 3.99 % for the first year only*
  • Free Mortgage Saver Account @ 1.25% p.a. interest rate up to QAR 2 million
  • 12-months grace period with your home loan
  • Cash back settlement fee of up to QAR 20,000, whenever you transfer your housing loan from any other bank to Doha Bank.

Free Products and Services with Your Doha Bank Housing Loan:

  • Free property fire insurance for the first year
  • Free management and mortgage fees

Doha Bank Housing Loan Features:

  • Salaried or self- employed individual
  • Long repayment period up to 20 years
  • Borrow up to 70% of the property value (LTV)
  • Completed or under construction properties for Qataris
  • Freehold & Leasehold completed properties for Qatari & Expats
  • Wide network of approved developers
  • Quick processing

Terms and Conditions:

*Mortgage rates @ 3.99 % for the first year only.
*QCB rate for the remaining tenor
*Free Mortgage Saver Account @ 1.25% p.a.* interest rate up to QAR 2 million.
*Other terms and conditions apply.

Please apply via Online Banking before your salary is credited.

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Interest Calculation (APR):

  • Commencing from the Loan Date, interest shall accrue on the Loan on a daily basis at the relevant Interest Rate and will be capitalized to the Loan Amount at the end of each month.
  • Interest will be calculated as per following formulae. The Daily Balance of the Loan X Total Annual Rate X (1/360)
  • Every payment made after the due date will result in additional interest accrual on loan
  • Where a Grace Period applies or where the Customer is granted a postponement in respect of an installment, interest on the relevant Loan shall continue to accrue and will be capitalized to the Loan Amount at the end of each relevant month.