Why do you need that million?

A million in any currency is valuable. Money has its own uses and giving a person the sense of security is the most primary function. In addition to security, a million can enhance quality of life, lifestyle and elevate the social status. It can also open doors to many opportunities that went unseen. Better social life also means better people to mingle with.

Money begets money and if you have a million, more money is right around the corner. Getting your first million can however, be a challenging and time-taking proposition. Don’t bother; making the first million has just become simpler.

Open a savings account under the Al Dana Savings Programme from Doha Bank and put your foot into the millionaire draw. This programme has been one of the most popular programmes in Qatar for the past 11 years and Doha Bank is looking forward to making it the biggest ever in 2016. With every QAR 1,000 you save in this savings account, you get one chance to take part in the 7 monthly draws.

Act now and SMS “DANA” to 92610 to join, or complete the online form.