Ways to pamper yourself with your first million

There is no doubt that being rich comes with a host of privileges to allow you to enjoy the pleasures of life to the fullest. A million riyals in your bank account will certainly allow you to pamper yourself with no guilt feelings. It allows you to spend lavishly spend on your favourite brands buying the latest shoes, bags, clothes, jewelry, you want it you can have it. It allows you to cruise the world staying in the best hotels and dining at the finest restaurants. It allows you to buy the house you have always wanted and give your children the best education. It allows you to pamper yourself with the most expensive beauty treatments and indulge in the most exotic spa therapies. Most important is you can afford to recruit a full team of staff to handle the daily chores, so you can relax and enjoy life to the fullest.

Everyone would love to live a pampered life like this, but not everyone is a millionaire. The good news is that Doha Bank has now made it really easy to become a millionaire. All you need to do is open Doha Bank’s Al Dana Savings Account and start saving as little as QAR 1,000. For every QAR 1,000 you save you will get a chance to participate in the monthly draws to win valuable cash and non-cash prizes including the Million riyals.

No this is not a gimmick. This is for real. Doha Bank’s Al Dana Savings Programme has been running for the past 12 years, and till date has made 41 individuals in Qatar become millionaires. So why wait any longer, win your first million and start pampering yourself.

For more information on how to open an Al Dana Savings Account today, visit your nearest Doha Bank branch, or SMS “DANA” to 92610 to join, or complete the online form.