Transfer Your Loans at 0% Interest from Doha Bank

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Transfer Your Loans at 0% Interest from Doha Bank

Building on the success of its unmatched 0% personal loan offer launched at the end of 2012, Doha Bank continues with its unique offering for additional 3 months. The personal loan offer which is the most competitive in the market is aimed to give consumers the flexibility of consolidating their existing loans and transferring them to Doha Bank at reduced rates and smaller installments.

The key feature of Doha Bank’s current personal loans promotion, in addition to consolidation of all other liabilities, is the ability to benefit from the inclusive 3-month postponement of installments that are available to all customers utilizing this offer during the campaign period, and 0% interest applicable for up to 12 months of the overall loan tenure.

The offer includes overall loan terms of up to 6 years for Qataris who can combine all their outstanding liabilities or top up their loan amounts to get a new personal loan from Doha Bank at 0% interest rate and up to 12 months. Expatriate customers have the same benefits with up to 6 months of their loan calculated at 0% interest inclusive of long overall loan tenures based on their borrowing appetite and eligibility.

Personal Loan

Dr. R. Seetharaman, Doha Bank Group CEO said: “This is the best time for Doha Bank new and present customers to benefit from this extended offer for another three-month period to cater to their needs for consolidation. It gives people the ability to further expand their investment horizons and commit to assets and projects that will be beneficial to their families and lives overall. For those who have already leveraged their loan eligibility, this is also a good opportunity to take a breather and differ some payments whilst benefiting from an initial interest-free period that can prove invaluable to their overall financial health.”

Mr. Suresh Bajpai, Head of Retail Banking said: “All customers who have great ambitions and goals for the upcoming year are invited to secure a personal loan from Doha Bank. The Bank has worked at making this process easier than ever before and to eventually help customers pay the lowest interest at the most convenient installment rates for the longest period possible. The guaranteed speedy approval processes will certainly make the banking experience exciting and rewarding.”

Mr. Bajpai added: “We invite customers from all other banks to benefit from this exclusive opportunity to transfer their loans to Doha Bank and to enjoy the privileges of this great offering”.

For more information visit or call Hello Doha on 44456000. You can also simply sms “PL” to 92610 and a Doha Bank financial advisor will be at your convenience to visit you in the comfort of your office, home or any other preferred place within 24 hours to facilitate your application process.