Starting a new life

You may be a citizen or a resident who is trying to make a mark. You may be trying to start a new life in the city of dreams. You are here with a big dream and vision for the future. With a lot of hopes for your family and friends back home. You want to make it big but you don’t know how. What would you do? Here is your opportunity towards making your first million. Simply open Doha Bank’s Al Dana Savings Account and watch your life change for ever.

The Al Dana Savings Account allows you to save small amounts of money yet win big prizes. With Doha Bank’s Al Dana Saving account winning a million like the past 41 millionaires is easy. But how would you keep that million. As they say earning is difficult to maintain it is more difficult. Hence it is important not to lose focus. And keep saving even once you have achieved your million and fulfilled your dream.

A million may sound good to start a new life and it may be easy and quick to achieve the with Doha Bank’s Al Dana Savings Account. But what would you do in the long term? How would you invest this million to grow your wealth?

You should not stop saving even if you win that million.