Save money to become a millionaire

As it may sound, saving to become a millionaire could take years. Of course, you will get there eventually, but will you be able to enjoy the million as you can today? Imagine having that million in your bank today, wouldn’t your life change for the better? Your life could change and become entirely different, if you get that million now.

You can, if you are willing to walk the path. Open a savings account under the Al Dana Savings Program from Doha Bank and transfer all your saved money to it. You will get the chance to win exciting cash prizes in addition to other items and you will be eligible for the millionaire draw.

The 2016 Al Dana Savings Program is giving away 50+ draws every month for the entire year. The chances to win will depend on the amount of money you keep in your Al Dana savings account. Every QAR 1,000 will give you once chance at all these draws. Of course, the millionaire draw is also included.

Act now and SMS “DANA” to 92610 to join, or complete the online form.