Marriage Loan

A blessing from Doha Bank

Your wedding is the most special of times, one that you will both Cherish forever. A Marriage Loan from Doha Bank could get you off to the best of starts in your new life together. With an attractive interest rate, on arrangement fee, up to 60 months repayment schedule and a grace period of 2 months, it’s a sensible way to make it an event to remember.

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Reasons to Smile

  • Available to Qatari men and women.
  • Attractive Interest rate.
  • No arrangement fee.
  • Two months grace period.
  • Up to 60 months repayment period.
  • No requirement for guarantor.

*subject to terms and conditions and acceptance

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To apply for Doha Bank Marriage Loan:

  • Call Hello Doha Bank 4445 6000
  • Step into your nearest branch
  • Drop into the Tawasol Customer Care Center on D-Ring

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Interest Calculation (APR):

  • Commencing from the Loan Date, interest shall accrue on the Loan on a daily basis at the relevant Interest Rate and will be capitalized to the Loan Amount at the end of each month.
  • Interest will be calculated as per following formulae. The Daily Balance of the Loan X Total Annual Rate X (1/360)
  • Every payment made after the due date will result in additional interest accrual on loan
  • Where a Grace Period applies or where the Customer is granted a postponement in respect of an installment, interest on the relevant Loan shall continue to accrue and will be capitalized to the Loan Amount at the end of each relevant month.