Lulu Doha Bank Shopping Credit Card

MasterCard Lulu credit card is a co-brand credit card in partnership with Lulu stores, whereby you can earn 1 Lulu Point by spending QR 1 at Lulu stores, or earn 1 Lulu point by spending QR 5 at any other merchants. These points are only redeemable at Lulu stores in Qatar.

  • Save 5% on every purchase at Lulu.
  • Save 1% on all other purchases locally or overseas
  • Earn shopping points
Card Types Local Spend
Lulu Points Int’l Spend
Lulu Points
Lulu Co-brand (Spend at Lulu) 1 1 N/A N/A
Lulu Co-brand (Spend outside Lulu) 5 1 5 1

Features & Benefits

Instruction – International Usage

Card Protection

Expiry and Capping – Lulu Points:

Un-redeemed points will expire after 12 months from points earning date. For spend at Lulu, the monthly points earnings are capped at 10,000 points per month and Lulu points can only be redeemed at Lulu stores. For outside Lulu spend, you can continue enjoying earning unlimited Lulu Points.

Card Types Expiry Capping
Lulu Co-brand (Spend at Lulu) 12 months 10,000 per month
Lulu Co-brand (Spend outside Lulu) 12 Months No Capping

Eligible Transactions

All eligible retails transactions (Locally & Internationally) and E-Commerce transactions will be awarded Lulu Points. Corporate & SME Credit Cards, Cash Advances, Government related merchant categories (as defined under Visa/MasterCard rules), Remittances, Installment plans and Fee & Charges will not be awarded Lulu Points.

Card Fees

With effect from 01 January 2016, all Primary LULU credit cards will be issued free for the first year only. Thereafter an annual fee of QR100/- will apply.

QR100 annual fee will automatically apply for all Primary credit cards issued prior to 01 January 2016. 2 Supplementary Cards will continue to be issued free for life.

Customer with a salary of QAR 15,000 and above will not be charged any annual fee and the card will be free for life.

Lulu Points – Terms & Conditions

  • The Lulu Points expiry on MasterCard Lulu Co Brand Credit Card will be 12 months.
  • The points capping on spend at Lulu stores is 10,000 Lulu Points per month.
  • There is no capping on points earning on spend outside Lulu stores.
  • Corporate & SME Credit Cards will not be awarded Lulu Points on their card usage.
  • Following transaction types will not be eligible for Lulu Points:

    Cash Advances, Government related merchant categories (as defined under Visa/MasterCard rules), Remittances, Installment plans and Fee & Charges.

To apply

You need to either:

  1. Be an existing Doha Bank Salary Transfer customer or
  2. Transfer your salary to Doha Bank or
  3. Have a lien placed on your savings or deposit account with Doha Bank

Next, submit to us the following documentation:

  • Duly completed application form
  • ID copy/Passport copy/Resident Visa copy
  • Salary assignment/transfer letter
  • Please note that in order to comply with QCB instructions your existing credit limit will be adjusted accordingly when applying for the LULU CARD
  • Visit any Doha Bank branch
  • SMS LULU to 92610 to apply for this unique shopping card!
  • or click here Apply Now


Doha Bank’s retail, commercial and corporate products are granted at our sole discretion and are subject to the Bank’s terms, conditions and acceptance.