Win Big with Doha Bank Gold Campaign

Win Big with Doha Bank Gold campaign. Use your Doha Bank credit or debit card and enter into lucky draw to win up-to 1 KG of gold! So whether you are booking your flights or hotels, using your card while on holiday or shopping at your favourite brands, jewellery stores or dining with family and friends; every time you spend on your card you get a chance to win up to 1KG of gold.

Not a Doha Bank cardholder! Now you can transfer your salary to Doha Bank today and apply for a Doha Bank credit card to get twice (2x) the chance to enter the draw.

So start using your card to Win Big with Doha Bank!

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Win Big – Grand prize of 1KG of gold

Every total spend of QAR 500 on your Doha Bank card guarantees you an entry into the Mega Draw, for the chance to take home 1KG of gold.

Prizes of up-to 250 grams of gold

Every time you spend a total of QAR 500 on your Doha Bank card, you get 1 entry to the draw, where 5 lucky winners will win 250 grams of gold each and 100 lucky winners will win 50 grams of gold each. So spend more and increase your chances to win.

5x times the chance of winning

Every QAR 500 spent on booking hotels or air tickets & travel related merchants or if you are using your card overseas will make you eligible for 5 entries to the draw.

Every QAR 500 spent on jewellery purchases, will also make you eligible for 5 entries to the draw.

2x times the chance of winning

Not a Doha Bank credit card holder. Transfer your salary to Doha Bank and be eligible for 2 entries to the draw.

0% Installment Plan

Now convert your jewellery and travel related purchases of QAR 3,000 and above into 6 months 0% EMI plan with no processing fee. So keep spending!!

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Terms & Conditions

  1. Campaign Period: November 1, 2018 to January 31, 2019 (both dates inclusive) applicable only for debit and credit cards issued in Qatar.
  2. Spend on supplementary cards will also be included in customer’s overall spend.
  3. There will be 1 event for the lucky draw at the end of the campaign February 17, 2019; whereby 106 lucky winners will be awarded the following prizes: 100 Winners – 50 Grams of Gold, 5 Winners – 250 grams of gold and 1 Winner – 1 KG of gold.
  4. Any spend of QAR 500 made on either Doha Bank credit or debit cards or both combined during this period will be eligible for one entry into the draw. Every additional QAR 500 spend will be granted an additional entry i.e. +1 entry to the draw.
  5. All existing and newly acquired Doha Bank credit and debit cardholders during the period of the campaign will be eligible to participate in the draw, subject to meeting the campaign spend criteria.
  6. Spends of equivalent QAR 500 on below merchant categories will be given 5x entries to the draw.

    Travel (including all airlines and travel operators).
    International retail transactions.

  7. Apply for a new Doha Bank credit card (based on salary transfer) to be eligible to +2 entries to the draw.
  8. For the Mega Draw, all spends during the campaign period will be accumulated.
  9. Each winner is eligible to win one prize as per the details mentioned above.
  10. Installment plan only applicable for travel, hotel, international and jewelry spend made during the campaign period.
  11. Only retail spends excluding remittances and government spends will be included in eligible spends.
  12. Cancelled, blocked, closed, over-limit and delinquent cards will be excluded.
  13. Corporate and SME Cards will be excluded from the offer.
  14. All Other Doha Bank terms and conditions apply.


Doha Bank’s retail, commercial and corporate products are granted at our sole discretion and are subject to the Bank’s terms, conditions and acceptance.