Travel with Doha Bank Cards

Your Doha Bank cards allow you the privilege of enjoying savings, discounts and special offers on travel from popular travel agents in Doha as well as the opportunity to fly now and pay later by converting air tickets, hotel bookings and holiday package purchases to 0% payment plans.

Fly Now Pay Later

Fly Now Pay later

Buy tickets or book your holiday packages now and pay over 6 months at 0% interest from our partners

Al Sulaiman Holidays logo
  • Fly now and pay over 6 months at 0% interest
  • Musheirib
    Tel : 44355006, 44364357
  • Al Wakra
    Tel : 44646770, 44763114
  • Al Rayyan
    Tel : 44821163, 44801136
  • Muaither
    Tel : 44276869, 44278153
  • Fly now and pay over 6 months at 0% interest
  • C – Ring
    Tel : 44484848
  • Palm Tower
    Tel : 44146647
  • Muaither
    Tel : 44441848
  • Alkhor Mall
    Tel : 44811135
  • Ezdan Mall
    Tel : 44881198
  • Fly now and pay over 6 months at 0% interest
  • PB. NO. 20795 KG – Building ( Office No.106)
    C-Ring Road (Building NO 194, Zone -26, Street 230)
    OPP. Gulf Times, First Floor, Doha, Qatar
    Tel : 44412525, 44412393, 30188653
  • Fly now and pay over 6 months at 0% interest
  • Old Al Salata Area
    Next to Gokulam Park Hotel
    Tel : 44292999

Discounted Chauffeur Rides with Careem

Now when you travel across countries in the Middle East with Titanium MasterCard®, you can enjoy

  • Twice-monthly 20% discounts
  • A first ride free (for new Careem customers only)

Cardholders simply need to download the Careem app and enter promo code MasterCard when booking their ride

Enjoy Free Holidays by redeeming Dream points

You can redeem your Dream Loyalty points to enjoy free air tickets and holiday packages from any of the following partner travel agents

Partner Loction
DMDarwish travels
Air India Express at Darwish Travels Bureau
Umm Ghuwailina
DM Al muftah
Al Muftah Travels & Tours
Al Muftah Centre (Al Saad)
DM Al sulaiman Travels
Al Sulaiman Travels
Musheireb; Al Rayyan; Al Wakrah
DM Darwish travels
British Airways at Darwish Travels
Umm Gwailina (Near Sana R/A)
DM Darwish travels
Darwish Travel Company Corporate Division
Umm Gwailina (Near Sana R/A)
Dnata Travel

ITL Travel & Tourism

C-Ring Road
Joury Tours & Travel
Old Salata
DM Mannai
Mannai Travels
Al Khor; Musheireb
DM MEA logo
Middle East Airlines
Umm Gwailina (Near Sana R/A)
DM Millenium Travels
Millennium Travels
The Pearl
NBK Travel & Tourism
Salwa Road
DM Regency Travels
Regency Travels & Tours
Suhaim Bin Hamad; Centre Point ( Al Saad); Al Rayyan; Garaffa; Villagio Mall; Landmark Mall; Lulu D Ring
DM Tourist travel
Tourist Travel
Old Al Ghanim

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Travel Insurance

Purchase air tickets with your Doha Bank credit cards and be rewarded with a safe & peaceful travel experience. Our easy to arrange comprehensive insurance policy covers:

  1. Medical emergency
  2. Personal accident benefits
  3. Expenses incurred due to cancelled, missed or delayed flights
  4. Loss of personal belongings, passport and/or cash while travelling abroad.


Insurance Cover Description Detailed Description Maximum Limits
(a).Personal Accident (Common Carrier) Death, PTD or Dismemberment USD 50,000.00
In case of Minors under Age 16 Years USD 10,000.00


Insurance Cover Description Detailed Description Maximum Limits
(a). Emergency Medical, Legal & Referral Services Emergency Evacuation & Repatriation USD 50,000.00
Essential Medication / Medical Equipment
Dispatch of a physician
Transportation to join a cardholder or Return of children USD 5,000.00
(b). Services – Advice and Emergency Assistance 24 Hour worldwide Medical information & Assistance. USD 200.00 per day (Max USD 5,000.00)
Medical Monitoring / Legal Assistance Subject to Limits
(c). Hospital Daily Benefit USD 150.00 per day up to Max 30 days.
(d). Repatriation of mortal remains USD 10,000.00
(e). Emergency Medica USD 50,000.00 – Excess of USD 100.00 per claim; In case of emergency dental USD 1,000.00 – Excess – USD 50.00


Insurance Cover Description Detailed Description Maximum Limits
(a). Travel Delay Conditions Apply – Excess of 6 Hours USD 100.00 per hour delay; Maximum of USD 1,200.00
(b). Delayed Baggage Conditions Apply – Excess of 6 Hours USD 100.00 per hour delay; Maximum of USD 1,200.00
(c). Personal Baggage & Personal money Limited to USD 400.00 any one article or USD 500.00 FOR Jewellery and valuables in all Baggage & Money – Excess – USD 50.00 each and every claim


General International Helpline By Dialing the emergency number, there will be a prompt to provide Spoken Languages
  • IRELAND : +35391560621
  • GERMANY : +01805115610
  • INTERNATIONAL : +97317218899
  1. Passport / ID Card number
  2. Assistance card number
  3. Full Name of the injured & principal insured
  4. The cause of the call
  5. The place where person is located – Hotel/City/ Phone
  • English
  • Arabic
  • Persian

Before you Travel Overseas: Allow your Cards’ Magnetic Stripe for Overseas Use

Mag stripe

In line with the industry’s measures to enhance Cards’ security, the magnetic stripe on all Doha Bank Credit, Debit (ATM) and Prepaid cards will be disabled for overseas use on 01 May 2014. With the Cards’ magnetic stripe disabled for overseas use, the risk of unauthorized transactions being effected on the Card will be reduced.

The following overseas functions will be affected when the Cards’ magnetic stripe is disabled on 01 May 2014

  • Cash withdrawals from ATM’s overseas
  • Magnetic stripe (swipe) transactions at retailers overseas

The data on EMV chip is protected by encryption. As such, the EMV chip (if any) on all cards remains active for local and overseas transactions. However, as the EMV chip for transaction processing is not widely accepted at all destinations, you may wish to allow the magnetic stripe of your Card(s) for overseas use before travelling.

For your convenience, should you wish to allow overseas use on your cards’ magnetic stripe from 01 May 2014 you may SMS MAG to 92610


Doha Bank’s retail, commercial and corporate products are granted at our sole discretion and are subject to the Bank’s terms, conditions and acceptance.