About Doha Bank My Book Qatar App:

Doha Bank My Book Qatar App provides our credit card customers with exclusive ‘BUY ONE GET ONE FREE’ offers in Qatar, whenever you pay with your Doha Bank credit cards.

The app features more than 300 amazing restaurants, spas, leisure and kids activities in Qatar and provides our credit cardholders great savings.

The app is free for Doha Bank credit card customers.

Features and Benefits:

  • Benefit from more than 900 Instant “BUY ONE GET ONE FREE” offers for restaurants, leisure, kids and spas in Qatar.
  • Choose from over 300 offers in the finest restaurants and cafes in Qatar
  • Relax and unwind in the most tranquil spas in the most prestigious hotels in Qatar
  • Enjoy the pleasure, leisure and kids activities at Fun Day, Mega polis, Go Fun, Circus Land, Adventure Rooms and much more.
  • Train in the best sports facilities in the most prominent health and fitness centers
  • Plan your getaways at a selection of the most renowned hotels in Qatar
  • Up to 10 devises can have the same account as long as the payment is done with a Doha Bank credit card.
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How to Register / Activate Your Doha Bank My Book Qatar App:

  • Download the “Doha Bank My Book Qatar” Mobile App from the Apple Store and Google Play Store.
  • Open your App and click on “Register” and fill the required details and click on “Create Account”
  • A verification e-mail will be sent to your registered e-mail address (check Junk/Spam too) and click on “Activate Account”
  • Click on the “Activate Account” link in the email.
  • Return to the “Doha Bank My Book Qatar” Mobile App and click on the verified button.
  • App will automatically prompt you for a PIN Setup, enter 4-digit number
  • Go to “Settings “tab in the bottom right hand corner.
  • Click on VIP Key and then enter the valid VIP Key sent to you via sms.

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How to Use Your Doha Bank My Book Qatar App:

  • After completing the registration process, you will land on the offers screen to select your category of interest.
  • Select the merchant and choose the offer to claim
  • You will have the option to change outlet of the merchant before redeeming the offer
  • Pay with your Doha Bank credit cards.
  • Click on ‘Redeem’ and then show the screen to the attendant at the merchant/ outlet
  • The merchant will enter their respective “Merchant PIN” to verify the transaction
  • Click on ‘Checkout’ to complete the transaction
  • A confirmation message will be generated along with a code for tracking.
  • The offer redeemed will be shown to you as redeemed.
  • Each merchant features 3 offers in total for redemption.

How to reset Your Doha Bank My Book Password?

The Password can be reset by going to the App settings and click on ‘Reset PIN’


Merchants are listed on the Doha Bank My Book Qatar App.

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Doha Bank My Book Qatar – Terms and Conditions:


  • All dining offer voucher within the Fine Dining Gold, Find Dining Silver, Cool Dining, Up Market Bars and Nightclubs, Family & Casual, Cafés and Nightspots sections are dine-in only, unless otherwise specified.
  • Offers within the informal & Take Away section are valid for dine-in and take-away only, unless otherwise specified.
  • Offers are not valid for delivery, unless otherwise specified


  • The leisure voucher offers are designed to be used by parties of two or more people at the same event or visit.
  • A maximum of 4 vouchers are redeemable at any event or visit, whether or not the group size exceeds 8 people.
    Number of Vouchers Accepted per Group of People

    No. of Offers 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4
    No. of People 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
  • Additional terms and conditions may apply depending on the nature of the activity.
  • Please contact the merchant to confirm such things as permissible group size, age restriction, and most importantly health and safety.
  • Offers can be used anytime other than and not limited to, the following days: Valentine’s Day, Eid Al Fitr, Eid Al Adha, Qatar National Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.
  • My Book accepts no responsibility if, for any other reason, the outlet is either permanently or temporarily closed during the advertised offer period.
  • The Merchant, and not My Book is responsible for honouring these vouchers.
  • My Book vouchers are exclusive and cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount offers or promotions, or any other type of reward programme.
  • My Book vouchers are only redeemable for the item(s) stated on the face of the voucher and are not valid for the occasions of special/religious events and celebrations, theme night, buffets or brunches unless otherwise specified.
  • Regarding dinging vouchers, please note that some eateries do not serve what is an obvious or discrete main course or main meal, or any items that are described as such on their menu. Please check with the merchant before going ahead with your purchase if you are at all unclear.
  • Any additional charges relating to the purchase or bill, for example insurance and service charges, are outside of the terms of the vouchers and remain payable in full.


When two or more people are dining together the following will apply:

      • A maximum of 4 My Book vouchers can be redeemed per table/group – Please refer to above table.
      • The least expensive main course(s) or main menu item(s) will be deducted.
      • Please ensure that the waiter/waitress is aware you will be redeeming the voucher offer(s) and please present your e-voucher(s) to them prior to payment or requesting the bill.
      • Only one bill will be presented per table/group. Please do not ask for separate bills as refusal may offend.

Additional Terms and Conditions:

  • Multiple Offers can be redeemed at one time for a group of people – Please refer to above table.
  • Select your chosen offer when you visit the venue.
  • Offers are valid till to 30th December of the year indicated on the offer, unless otherwise specified.
  • Offers are only redeemable with a valid Doha Bank credit card.
  • Offers are only redeemable with the issuing merchant and/or venue.
  • Offers apply only to the items/services and locations specified on the offer.
  • Offers are exclusive and not valid in conjunction with any other discount offers, promotions, special offers or dining/loyalty/employee/rewards programs.
  • Offers do not apply to any additional service charges or taxes.
  • Doha Bank is not liable if the merchant refuses to honor any offer.
  • If a merchant or venue refuses to honor any offer or in case of any further queries or information, please contact My Book Customer Services at +974-4481-4276 or email address: customerservice@mybookqatar.com
  • Offers are not redeemable for cash, unless required by law.
  • Unauthorized reproduction, resale or modification of any offers is prohibited. Offers are void if resold or bartered.
  • Doha Bank customers have to use the provided VIP keys in order to utilize the offers.
  • Download the Doha Bank My Book Qatar Mobile Application and refer to the Rules of Use in the Settings tab for the full Terms & Conditions.
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Doha Bank’s retail, commercial and corporate products are granted at our sole discretion and are subject to the Bank’s terms, conditions and acceptance.