Bonus DOHA MILES with your New Credit Card

As a NEW to card customer, Doha Bank welcomes you to the NEW DOHA MILES Program by awarding you with up to 50,000 welcome bonus DOHA MILES by spending up to QAR 25,000, which includes spend made by your supplementary cardmembers.

Card Type Offer – Welcome Bonus Segment Spend Requirement
(3 Months)
(Income Req. QAR 35K & Above)
25,000 DOHA MILES Expat QAR 25,000
50,000 DOHA MILES Qatari QAR 25,000
(Income Req. QAR 15K & Above)
10,000 DOHA MILES Expat QAR 10,000
20,000 DOHA MILES Qatari QAR 10,000

Bonus Offer for NEW to Credit Card Customers – Terms and Conditions

  • Campaign period will be from launch date (May 1st , 2017).
  • The Bonus DOHA MILES offer will be awarded to customers only after the spend criteria is met within 90 days of the card creation date. Spend criteria QAR 25,000 for Infinite customers and QAR 10,000 for platinum customers should be met within 90 days of card creation date.
  • The bonus DOHA MILES will be processed once a month for the customers who qualify in that particular month.
  • Only retail transactions will be considered and spend on government merchant category and remittance on cards will be excluded from spend calculation.
  • Spend on supplementary cards will be included in customer’s overall spend.
  • Cancelled, blocked, closed, over-limit and delinquent cards will be excluded from the awarding DOHA MILES.
  • Corporate and SME and secured cards will be excluded from this offer.
  • The welcome bonus offer will only be applicable for customers where card relationship with bank is established after April 30th , 2017.

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Doha Bank’s retail, commercial and corporate products are granted at our sole discretion and are subject to the Bank’s terms, conditions and acceptance.