View and Download Statement

Doha Bank provides a variety of options to you for viewing and downloading your account and credit card statement. You can choose any of the following methods for viewing, printing and downloading your statements up to a period of 12 months at any time.

Doha Bank always encourages customers to go green and paperless as part of its green banking initiatives. After all, it’s a great way to stay organized while helping the environment. We recommend you switching to e-Statements for enjoying these benefits.

  • Increased security & privacy: Receive your monthly statements directly in your email inbox or access anytime through online banking or through our website.
  • Accessibility: Access up to 12 months of your past statements online, anywhere, anytime
  • No more lost mail: Never lose your statements through post again!
  • Environment friendly: Go Green and reduce paper waste with e-Statement


For accessing your accounts or credit card statement through Doha Bank website, please click on the below ‘View & Download’ button given below and follow these steps:

Remember to keep your debit card in hand!

  1. Click on View and Download button
  2. Enter Customer Details
  3. Authenticate yourself using your Debit Card Details
  4. Select desired Account or Credit Card and specify statement details
  5. Click on ‘Download’ for generating your password protected PDF statements
  6. Access your PDF statements using your QID

Note: This facility is available for Personal Banking customers only.

View & Download

Online Banking

Login to Online Banking using your username and password. You can access your account and credit card statement through accounts and credit card section. In addition to your monthly statements, you can also select a date range and download statements for specific period.

Mobile Banking

Login to Mobile Banking using your username and password. You can click on ‘View Transactions’ under Accounts to immediately view the last 20 transactions. Credit card statements are available under ‘Info’ of cards section.


Receive an email notification when your statement is ready to be viewed. You can set up your e-statements through online and mobile banking. By doing so, you will start receiving password protected monthly statements in PDF format; which can be accessed using your QID.

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