All you need to win the cash prizes detailed below is a minimum balance of QAR 10,000 in your account. Each and every QAR 1,000 saved gives you one chance. You can boost your chances further by not only increasing the amount you deposit in your Al Dana Savings Account but also by keeping your money in Al Dana for longer.

Bonus Chances for the Monthly Draw

Multiply your winning chances by keeping larger Al Dana deposit balances for a longer period

  • Double your chances of winning the monthly draw prizes by keeping a minimum average balance of QAR 10,000 for the last 3 months.
  • Triple your winning chances by maintaining a minimum average balance of QAR 10,000 for the last 6 months.
  • Triple your chances by taking a credit card or a loan against your Al Dana Deposit. These extra winning opportunities will be determined by the amount of your Al Dana deposit blocked (or lien) to cover your credit card limit or loan amount.

The Al Dana Regular Monthly Draws are as follows:

  • Prize of QAR 2K with 30 winners every month
  • Prize of QAR 5K with 10 winners every month
  • Prize of QAR 10K with 5 winners every month
  • Prize of QAR 100K with 1 winner every month
  • Prize of QAR 25K scholarship with 1 winner for Al Dana Young Savers every month
  • Prize of QAR 2k with 5 winners for New to Al Dana customers every month

3 ways to open an Al Dana savings account

  1. Visit your nearest Doha Bank branch
  2. Text an SMS to 92610 just saying “AL DANA”
  3. Online completion of this simple form

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