It’s not about a million, it’s what it could get you

Someone once said: “Money doesn’t take away the tragedy of your life, but it’s always comfortable to cry in a BMW!” Money is not the end in itself; it’s a means to an end.

Money is the tool we use to help us realize our dreams, ambitions and desires. Money is the means to help us reach our end goals. It is not just about the balance in the bank, it is about what money can do for you. So whether you want to start a business of your own, or send your child to a good college, or buy your wife that expensive watch she has been dreaming of, money can indeed make all these happen for you.

What if you had a million riyals in your account today, what would you do with that money? Would you quit your job and start that business you have been dreaming about? Would you buy a bigger house or take your family on the holiday that you have been postponing for long? Perhaps settle all your debt?

Would you not use that money to donate to that charity organization you strongly believe in? Or perhaps, invest and diversify your stock portfolio to make it stronger.

Money is there to help you realise your needs. Money is there to support you to live life and do the things that are important to you. However, one needs to know how to make good use of that money.

So we agreed that money is indeed a means to an indeed. However, no one can undermine the importance of money in our lives. So definitely having a million riyals in an account is worth considering.

For years, we at Doha Bank have been providing money for the betterment of people’s lives. Through our unique Al Dana Savings Programme, we have contributed to the betterment of 51 millionaires in Qatar, and made over 3000 individuals happier by winning over QAR 120 million worth of cash and non-cash prizes including gold.

Our Al Dana Savings Programme is very popular and has been running for 13 years. The uniqueness of this programme lies in the fact that you can save your money and win at the same time. For every QAR 1,000 you save you stand a chance to become a MILLIONAIRE.

This year we aim to make the Al Dana Savings Programme bigger and better. We plan to have 188 draws throughout the year. This means 18-20 draws a month. Watch out Al Dana Savings Programme account holders you stand to win big. So if you want to become a millionaire you better start saving. The more you save, the better chance you have of winning and discovering what money can actually do for you.

Are you keen to know what money can do for you? Then open an Al Dana Savings Account and start saving your money. For every QAR 1,000 saved you will get one chance in our monthly draws. You will not only have the opportunity to become a millionaire but also the possibility to win a number of exciting cash prizes.

Can’t be easier than this to get your first million? Seize the opportunity and open an Al Dana Savings Account. Simply text “DANA” to 92610 or complete the online form and watch miracles happen.

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