Million Saved, Million Gained, Million more Smiles!

The first step to getting rich is having cash. You aren’t just saving for a rainy day. You are saving for the moment you need cash. The market is a perfect example. When a good opportunity presents itself such as buying a real estate or a yacht you need the cash to be ready. Doha Bank’s popular Al Dana Savings Programme allows you to save and win the cash you deserve. Cash is king for those wanting to get rich.

Al Dana Savings Programme not only helps you save your money but presents you with an opportunity to win life changing cash prizes and other non-cash prices. It helps you lead the life you dream of. Al Dana Savings Programme is very popular and has been running for the past decade. This year it promises to be bigger than ever. For every QAR 1,000 you save in this savings account, you get one chance to participate in the 7 monthly draws. SMS “DANA” to 92610 to know more, or fill in our online form.

Go Ahead, Invest in this Programme, today!