How to make the first million?

Building your wealth starts with earning that first million. Once earned its easy to multiply and earn more money.

Making the first million, could be a long and tedious process. You could start small. Just save small amounts every month, however, this will take forever to make that million. But, why wait when there is a saving scheme called Al Dana Savings Programme which makes millionaires.

This year, the Al Dana Savings Program intends to make more millionaires than ever before. So, your chances at that first million are increased. You should take that chance, especially so, when it is risk free.

All you need to do is open an Al Dana Savings Account and start saving. For every QAR 1,000 saved in your account you get one chance at the 7 weekly draws and the millionaire draw. To open an account just SMS “DANA” to 92610 or complete the online form.