Have you made your first million yet?

Money is a serious commodity. Quality of life revolves around one’s earnings and it is important to maximise any earning potential. Saving money is also a factor that is of utmost importance when it comes to earning. By a rough estimate, one should have at least six months worth of earnings in liquid savings in order to combat the bad financial patches that may crop up now-and-then, furthermore; savings are paramount in the event of a medical or a professional emergency.

Saving money to become a millionaire could take years even at the maximised earning potential. However, a million in any currency is a cushion that can add a feeling of security and status in society. Not to mention, it has its own benefits of an enhanced lifestyle, better social circles and of course the best available in terms of basic needs for one’s family.

All said and done, becoming a millionaire quickly is a challenge. It is easier done than said with Doha Bank’s Al Dana savings programme, which was created for people just like you who work hard and try to save. It is designed to enhance your savings and gives you the chance to win prizes in cash as well as amazing items. This programme also gives you a chance to become a millionaire!

An Al Dana savings account with Doha Bank can help you win big and save big. It has been successful for over 13 years across Qatar and Kuwait. In fact; the Al Dana savings account is the preferred choice by many individuals over other banks. This savings account programme has been so successful that it has already created over 51 millionaires and 3,000 prize winners.

Through the Al Dana savings programme, Doha Bank has given away over 51 kilograms of gold and distributed more than QAR 120 million in cash as prizes to its savings customers. It has grown over the years and this year it is going to be the biggest give-away programme.

The 2017 Al Dana Savings Programme from Doha Bank will have 188 opportunities to win, both for existing customers as well as new savings accounts opened under the program. The main features will be:

  • Up to 18-20 prizes to be won every month for the entire 2017,
  • QAR 1 Million every month.
  • Existing Al Dana savings account holders will gain more using the loyalty multiplier,
  • Older savings accounts with maximised savings will have a better chance of winning.

When you open a savings account with the Al Dana savings programme, you stand a chance to participate in all seven monthly prize draws.. What’s more, the more you save in your account, the more chances you have to win prizes in cash.. In fact, every QAR 1,000 in your account will give you one chance at each draw. If you have QAR 15,000 in your Al Dana savings account, you get 15 chances in the draw. The more you save, chances are that your savings will multiply more.

Additionally, each and every new Al Dana savings account is eligible for the millionaire draw!

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