Land that million, today!

The Al Dana Saving Bank Programme from Doha Bank gives you a chance, an opportunity, a once in a life time opportunity to become a millionaire.

Who doesn’t dream of becoming a millionaire? Who doesn’t dream of living a better life? Who doesn’t dream of a big house, cars, branded clothes, jewelry and exotic holidays? Who doesn’t want better education for his kids and better health care for his family. We all want this. We all dream of this. But we don’t know how to achieve it.

Now Doha Bank has made it easier for you to achieve this dream. All you have to do is open an Al Dana Savings Account. You will be automatically registered in the Al Dana Savings Program. Then for every QAR 1,000 you save you will be entitled to a chance to participate in the weekly and monthly draws to win 534 valuable prizes including a million riyals. So there is a big chance you could land that million you wished for to make all your dreams come true.

The saying goes “time is money”, so the longer you wait to take action, the more time you will loose on this golden opportunity. Make a smart move, open an Al Dana Savings Account today and you could be the next millionaire. To find out how you can open an Al Dana Savings account visit your nearest Doha Bank, SMS “DANA” to 92610 or fill this online form.