J.P. Morgan honours Doha Bank with Quality Recognition Award for 2018

JP Morgan

J.P. Morgan, New York has chosen Doha Bank for “Elite Quality Recognition Award for Outstanding Achievement of Best-in-Class STP” Award.

Doha Bank CEO, Dr. R. Seetharaman received this award and commented “We are proud to receive this prestigious award from J.P. Morgan. This award acknowledges the Bank’s outstanding performance in the execution of payments in Dollars seamlessly.

This award is conferred annually to the best-in-class banks by their main USD clearer in recognition to their success in correctly formatting foreign currency payments. “Straight Through Processing” means that the payments sent to the bank for clearing by its correspondents are being processed automatically without human intervention.

Doha Bank operations are geographically spread across strategic locations in Qatar. The bank also operates full-fledged branches in UAE, Kuwait and India, and has representative offices across the globe encompassing a robust and strategic network of correspondent banking relationships.