Imagine what a million can do?

A million can make your live a comfortable life. A million can help you buy and do all the things you have wished for. And, a million can certainly help you in realizing your dreams. So allow your dreams to come to life.

Doha Bank is offering you the opportunity to bring your dreams to life. It empowers you to dream big and achieve.

When you take the step forward to pursue your dream, you will face challenges you never could have anticipated. However, you will allow nothing to stop you. You will shock yourself at your ability to handle any situation.

Doha Bank with its Al Dana Savings Programme 2016 empowers you to do this.

The more you save, the more chances you get, at the millionaire draw.

This year the Al Dana Savings Programme is much bigger and more powerful than the last decade.

You have seven different chances in a month to win prizes.

54 different chances in a year to become a millionaire.

Visit our site! Or send SMS “DANA” to 92610 and if you like, you could also fill out this online form