Fifty-one millionaires, in 13 years, this year could be you!

It is a fact that many millionaires are not born, but are self-made! Surely some are born into riches but the rest have the dream to make it happen. Although not all succeed, with the odd chance that some do become millionaires by sheer luck. This was the case for 51 individuals over the past 13 years, who simply opened an Al Dana savings account.

Most people surely asked themselves that age-old question; “what will I do with a million?” The fact of the matter is, first and foremost, it will enhance and improve your quality of life and perhaps add some security for your future. The ripple effect by simply having a million in the bank could open a wealth of opportunities that were not there before.

Since its inception, Al Dana has created millionaires and changed the lives of these winners indefinitely. Besides the ever-popular monthly million draws, the scheme also rewarded clients with more than 3,000 prizes, 40 kilograms in gold and over QR120 million in cash. It is easy to see why Al Dana has become the most notorious savings account in Qatar and Kuwait.

This year however, the Al Dana programme proves even bigger and better than previous years! 2017 will boast the biggest giveaways in Doha Bank’s history! With more than 188 draws this year – there are 18-20 chances of winning every month – including quarterly draws in Kuwait. What better reason to join Al Dana?

All new savings accounts opened under this programme are eligible to participate in the draws. However, the chances of winning are enhanced when you maintain higher balances. Every QR1,000 in your account equates to one chance in the draws. These draws range from the million draw, prizes as well as cash. Doha Bank is offering a loyalty multiplier for existing customers, which calculates their chances of winning through the age of the account and the balance they have maintained as well.

Clearly with Al Dana, winning is an ongoing and regular occurrence, and all you need to do is simply open your own savings account for an opportunity to change your life.

To join, SMS “DANA” to 92610 or just fill this online form.

So, save more and win more in 2017 with Al Dana

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