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In these uncertain times, it always makes perfect sense to save your earnings for whatever the future may bring. Regardless of your dreams and goals – be it a luxury yacht, a trip around the world, security for your golden years, or a nest egg for your children’s higher education – in order to secure your objectives, saving is paramount.

Seldom we have chances and choices to make a definite change in our lives. Imagine you have the option of saving your hard-earned cash and in turn stand a chance to become a millionaire! It seems like a pie-in-the-sky, however with Al Dana that is exactly what’s on offer!

By simply opening an Al Dana savings account, not only do you save your earnings for what lies ahead, you also stand a chance of becoming a millionaire in the monthly million draws, as well as great prizes!

The ever popular savings scheme from Doha Bank got so much bigger and so much better this year. Your chances of achieving your life goals might be closer than you ever anticipated!

The time to finally step into a world of financial freedom has arrived. Visit your nearest Doha Bank branch to learn more about Al Dana, the most popular savings account in Qatar.