Don’t Lose Out!

Doha Bank is offering you a chance to become a Millionaire.

Too good to be true? Well it is true.

Doha Bank is offering you an opportunity to become a millionaire in a very simple way! A once in a lifetime opportunity that no one should miss. You still find it hard to believe. Well here is how. Doha Bank has a unique saving account. They call it the Al Dana Saving Account. It is truly unique. Why? Well it is the only saving account that has a dual benefit. It allows you to save and win at the same time.

You are probably questioning how this can be done. Well, all you have to do is open an Al Dana Savings Account, you will be automatically enrolled in the Al Dana Savings Program. For every QAR 1,000 you save, you will get a chance to participate in the many draws of the Al Dana Savings Program. There are weekly and monthly draws around the year, and there are valuable prizes to be won both cash and non-cash like gold in addition to a million riyals. So chances are big that you could land the million. Now that is an opportunity that definitely cannot be missed.

Think of how it feels like to be a millionaire. Think of the financial freedom you will have. The ability to buy what you desire. Think of all the options and the doors it will open. Think of all the choices that will be available to you. Remember, it starts with a million and grows from there. The rich only get richer.

You no longer need to wait for years to be labelled a millionaire. Just visit your nearest Doha Bank branch, us a SMS “DANA” on 92610 you could also fill out this online form.