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Almost everybody wants to be a millionaire and most probably already planned just exactly how their respective millions will be spent.

Surely you have also wondered how having 1 million QAR will change your life?

Besides the obvious freedom a million could bring your way, it surely adds a sense of security for you and your loved ones’ future. You can finally have the lifestyle you always dreamed of and what’s more; your ambitions could finally be within reach.

There are numerous reasons why you should be a millionaire, especially when consider this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is so easily accessible. If you are a salary-earning resident of Qatar, by merely saving your money in an Al Dana saving’s account, you also stand a chance to become a millionaire with the highly acclaimed monthly millionaire draws.

Bank has made more than 51 millionaires in 13 years, by simply having their clients save and and invest their money?

With an Al Dana savings account from Doha Bank you have the chance to secure your savings coupled with a multiplier effect in amazing prizes to be won! The savings scheme is designed to give you the best benefits in addition to winning cash and other amazing regular prizes! It is clearly no wonder why Al Dana is the most popular savings option in Qatar.

Since inception 13 years ago, Al Dana created:

  • Over 3,000 prize winners;
  • More than 51 millionaires;
  • Gave over QAR 120 million in cash and;
  • Gave over 40 kilograms of precious gold as prizes!

2017 is certainly bigger and much better, with improved chances of winning, this year will see:

  • 188 opportunities to win. An estimated 18-20 prizes per month;
  • 10 Millionaires in 2017;
  • Existing Al Dana clients stands an even better chance for winning with loyalty multiplier;
  • Aged accounts and amounts saved will improve your chances of winning.

When you sign up for a savings account with Al Dana this year, you are eligible to take part in all seven monthly draws. In fact, you can improve your chances further with the amount you keep in your savings account. For every QAR1,000 in your account, you stand in line to win big at all of the draws. The more you save, the better you stand a chance in winning.

SMS “DANA” to 92610 to join or complete the online form.

Win and save more in 2016 with an Al Dana savings account. New accounts are eligible for the millionaire draw – call us today for more information.

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