Doha Bank Signs an Agreement with the General Postal Corporation

General Postal Corporation

em>The Best Online Shopping Experience on Doha Sooq is Now Braced with Immediate Package Delivery

Doha Sooq which has marked a massive successive since its launch, continues to bring the promise of delivering the best online shopping experience to life. In a strategic arrangement with General Postal Corporation, Doha Sooq by Doha Bank has tied a bilateral agreement to ensure a speedy and safe delivery of the merchandise to customers. Customers can now enjoy the experience of purchasing their favorite items online from the convenience of their homes and on top receiving their merchandise swiftly through the most reliable postal service in Qatar. Now, Doha Sooq lovers can enjoy receiving the iPad they bought the earlier day on Doha Sooq or even sending a thoughtful gift to their beloved ones without thinking twice.

The e-mall which is owned and operated by Doha Bank has become a landmark for all the savvy shoppers who want to get the best deals from a selection of the finest and most reliable merchants in town, whose list entails i Spot, CGC Nokia, Mannai, Blue Salon, Jambo Holidays…. The online portal correspondingly hosts a collection of products that range from electronics, computers, mobile phones and accessories to fashion, jewelry, flowers, gifts and souvenirs…etc

During the signing ceremony Mr. R. Seetharaman Doha Bank group CEO said: “We are glad to sign an agreement with Q-Post which marks indeed the value added benefits that Doha Bank generally brings about to customers and equally to our merchants.”

He Continued: “In parallel to offering merchants a great window for their products display, Doha Sooq in collaboration with Q-Post provides now a perfect setup for merchants to deliver their merchandise to customers without owning their own delivery department, which certainly makes it expedient for many merchants who are looking forward to join Doha Sooq.”

Sheikh Abdulaziz Bin Mohammad Al Thani, Acting Manager of the General Postal Corporation said: “It is a pleasure to welcome you all on this occasion and I am pleased for your presence today in this contract signing ceremony between Doha Bank and Q-Post for the transport and delivery of the postal items to Doha Bank’s clients in Qatar, which is a part of a number of other agreements that we have made with Doha bank.”

He added: “This agreement reflects the cooperation between Q-Post and Doha Bank in the developments of the postal services which have become indispensable in all countries of the world, and I take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude and happiness for having this opportunity. Finally, I look forward to having more progress and prosperity for both Q-Post and Doha bank.”

The success of Doha Sooq is surely a result of the commitment of Doha Bank team in transforming the site to a best seller. Technically, Doha Sooq uses a very sophisticated catalogue management system and a purchasing mechanism through a very secure online payment gateway. Doha Sooq which is sponsored by Doha Bank assures professionalism, security, customer service and commitment for excellence for which Doha Bank “the Award Winning Bank” is known across the region.

Once again Doha Bank proves to be the trendsetter in deploying consumer centric technology solutions to enhance convenience and efficiency supported with superlative partnerships that eventually deliver an unrivaled customer service.