Doha Bank Showcases it’s Global Network and Proposition at SIBOS 2019


Doha bank exhibited at SIBOS connecting with international partners and exploring Fintech collaborations

Showcasing its leading role in the development of the financial sector in Qatar, Doha Bank announced its successful participation in SIBOS 2019, the world’s premier financial services event, which was held at the Excel Arena in London, United Kingdom, from 23 to 26 September, 2019.

This year’s round at SIBOS 2019, featured a line-up of thought leaders and subject matter experts, who addressed various topics such as market drivers and key challenges affecting the way in which all players in the financial ecosystem do business and embrace technology in preparation for the future.

Dr. R. Seetharaman, CEO of Doha Bank, took the opportunity to engage with senior delegates at the event, where he shared insights in regards to the global and Qatar economy respectively, and engaged in country level macroeconomic discussions, showcasing the Bank’s financials and balance sheet strength. The bank’s performance demonstrated the strategic and successful approach Doha Bank has adopted over the years, which has allowed it to maintain one of the leading positions in the Qatar financial market.

Dr. R. Seetharaman and the Doha Bank team with him also explored bilateral lending and borrowing opportunities, trade finance and risk participation discussions. Dr R. Seetharaman highlighted Qatar’s economic stability and the Nation’s resilient financial system post blockade, which has only become more independent and continues to power through as it cultivates further stability and self-reliance.

Furthermore, the various FINTECH talks, panel discussions and meetings with the Fintech providers, especially regarding technology advancements and breakthrough use cases proved very insightful. “SIBOS is an excellent place to meet new and innovative Fintech solution providers that have deployed use cases which are game changers and provide innovative propositions related to a customers financial needs and aspirations” stated Dr. R. Seetharaman. “We are carefully exploring and evaluating opportunities to collaborate with Fintechs as part of Doha Bank’s ongoing transformation journey. As you deepdive and analyze the Retail and Wholesale banking bouqet of services, there is significant room to innovate and eliminate friction points in the value chain streamlining the process, customer experience and cost. In this new digital marketplace, one can learn and benefit from the brilliant innovations around the globe without having to spend billions in Research and development. SIBOS and other such events create the perfect platform for a diversely rich set of innovators and players to meet, brainstorm and collaborate creating new business models and value propositions.”

The participation of the Doha Bank team, represented by Mr. Namit Gattani, Relationship manager, Trade Finance and Services at Doha Bank, Dheeraj Ahluwalia, Head of Marketing at Doha Bank and Richard Holt Whiting, Chief Representative, London Representative office at Doha Bank, led to multiple successful partner meetings with various financial service organizations regarding Cross Border Trade and multiple aspects of International Banking Products and Services. The team also met with various fintech partners to explore and evaluate new technologies and Fintech solutions as part of the digital transformation journey.

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