Doha Bank hosts Chinese Business Delegation

On Friday, 6th Sep, Doha Bank CEO, Dr R Seetharaman alongwith Doha Bank senior management team hosted a Chinese business delegation at the Doha Bank Head offices. The Delegation was led by Mr Jamal Al Kabi and with support from Mr Tariq Nazim, CEO of the CEO club.

Dr Seetharaman, gave an overview of Qatar and all the progress it has made, especially since the blockade. He highlighted the various facets of ongoing development, the vision of 2030 and preparations for the world cup 2022. The Doha Bank presentation by Dr Seetharaman highlighted Qatar as an ideal destination for bi lateral trade and business collaboration. Dr Seetharaman highlighted the potential areas of opportunity and the recent regulation opening up the opportunity for foreign investors to set up companies in Doha, Govt offering the opportunity to become a permanent resident of Qatar and other related legislation making Qatar “very easy to do business” destination.

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The Chinese visitors were impressed with the progress of Qatar in their feedback and each of the businessmen shared their views on potential partnership opportunities relative to their business models. The discussion was very comprehensive and productive, including a robust engagement with the senior members of the Doha Bank management team exploring opportunities in the e-commerce space and alternative fuels. There was extensive discussion between the two teams on the bi-lateral trade opportunities and treasury related issues. Doha bank has a representative office in China.

The meeting was followed with by lunch where the business teams continued to discuss the potential partnership opportunities.