Begin Building your wealth

Building wealth is something we all strive to do. We all want to become richer one way or the other. We all want to have more money and join the millionaire clubs. However, this is a challenging process. It is not always easy to find well paid jobs that will enable you to save sufficient amounts of money, nor is it easy to have a successful business that would generate enough revenue to label you as a millionaire. You could happen to be one of those lucky people who is born to money and your challenge remains how to invest this money in order to create more wealth. This of course depends on your appetite for risk; the riskier the investment, the more the returns and vice-versa.

A good example of managing risk can be a comparison between a savings account and share trading. Whilst a savings account is safe and secure it generates a minimum return as interest, share trading can give you better returns on investment however it is more risky. So how would you invest a million riyals? Would you take the risk and buy shares, or would you simply save the million in a savings account. The question here do you have that million in the first place.

The best option to get that first million is to participate in the Al Dana Savings Programme from Doha Bank. This programme has already made over 40 millionaires in Qatar and this year Doha Bank intends to make more millionaires in addition to more winners with other prizes and cash.

Open your Al Dana Savings Account today by texting “DANA” to 92610 or completing the online form.