Al JANA Series Five, Fittingly Offered in QR, USD, AED and KWD

Al JANA Series Five

The Highest Yielding Term Deposit Pronounced Success within Days of Its Launch

AL JANA series 5 which has been recently launched by Doha Bank marked within days a considerable preference in the market. The Fixed Term Deposit came in line with the anticipations of both Corporate Customers and Individuals looking for great opportunities that will guarantee great financial earnings within the upcoming five years.

The limited time offer which is stridently the highest yielding fixed term deposit in Qatar is also the most flexible tool for people observing mutually liquidness. Al JANA series 5 has been actually premeditated with returns due on a quarterly basis or in arrangement with a compounding structure, which in turn will secure Large Companies, Small Business Enterprises, or Individuals with an assured income for a long period while benefiting from the short term liquidity.

Providentially, with Al JANA series 5 investors will develop their capital with the possibility of depositing in QR, USD, AED and KWD following their personal preference for financial gain. AL JANA series 5 is inordinate with the prospect of customers depositing starting at one year and up to five years fittingly at a minimum QR. 50,000 or its equivalence in USD, AED or KWD.

During the monthly review on Al JANA performance, R.Seetharaman Doha Bank group CEO said: “We are glad that the market is reciprocating our great offers with preference. We are always keen to reward our customers with impressive deals that are in their best interest, because we believe that their prosperity and satisfaction marks milestones for our success and sustainability too.”

During the session, Mr. Nabil Tabbara Executive Manager of Retail banking said: “In addition to the great interest rates offered, what makes AL JANA a must have product this year, are the impressive offers that have been designed to grant you money at your fingertips. With Al JANA you will be awarded with the privileges of receiving loan amounts straightaway upon your request essentially up to 90% of your deposit amount.”

Compatibly, Al JANA series 5 is bundled this year with additional value added benefits, which include the most popular Dream Credit Card which is offered to you instantly Free for Life. On top you will be rewarded for your loyalty with plentiful loyalty points and instant redemption benefits, unlike any other credit card in the country.

Al JANA series 5, which has been designed by a team of professionals has also integrate space to insure you and your family complementary confidence with free accidental insurance cover equivalent to your investment amount and up to a substantial QR 1 million.

If you are examining the prospects for financial earnings, Doha Bank has done the assignment for you. Deposit Now with Al JANA and unwind for the upcoming five years with superfluous money straight in your pocket. For inquiries call 4445 6000