Why Al Dana Savings Programme?

With Qatar’s most popular savings account – Al Dana – you receive the best returns on savings, have all the benefits of a regular savings account and stand a chance to win great prizes, as well as be included for the monthly millionaire draws.

Over 41 millionaires were created since launching the groundbreaking Al Dana savings account.

To date the prize money surpassed QAR100 million and exceeded 40kg of gold with more than 2,500 winners, which is growing daily!.

Although the rewards and prizes thus far have been overwhelming, 2016 will surely transcend any expectations and outpace what has been done before. An excess of 530 prizes, which amounts to approximately 54 prizes per month, means your chances of being a winner is so much bigger! Older account holders stand a chance to receive loyalty bonus points depending on the age of the account and the amount saved.

Visit your nearest Doha Bank branch to learn more about Al Dana, the most popular savings account in Qatar.