Why Al Dana Savings Account

Why Al Dana Savings Account

The Al Dana Savings Programme is one of the most popular programmes in Qatar. It has been running for 11 years ago, has made 40 MILLIONARES and has given away:

  1. Over 25, 000 prizes.
  2. Over QAR 106 million in cash prizes
  3. Over 40 kilograms of gold

The 2016 Al Dana Savings Account will give you the opportunity to participate in the millionaire draw. For every QAR 1,000 you save you will get one chance at participating in:

  1. Over 534 draws throughout the year.
  2. 7 weekly draws and 1 quarterly draw.
  3. The MILLIONAIRE draw.

Simply put, the more money you save in your account the more chances you have at winning in the draws. For existing customers, your chances are calculated based on the amount of money and the age of your account. So everyone is set to win, are you? Wait no longer, to open your Al Dana Savings Account text “DANA” to 92610 or complete the online form.