Al Dana Green Run – 2017

Join us for the 13th Al Dana Green Run – put your best foot forward for a good cause

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Families, running enthusiasts and go green supporters across Qatar can look forward to getting their running shoes on this December as the much-anticipated Al Dana Green Run hosted by Doha Bank returns for its 13th edition with a bigger and better line-up of race categories. Taking place on 09 December at Aspire Zone, the annual run will cover a 3-km circuit around Khalifa Stadium as it gathers men, women, children and families from around the country who will put their best foot forward for a cleaner, greener tomorrow.

The Al Dana Green Run is hosted every year by Doha Bank to build participation and awareness on environmental protection among people in Qatar. A widely attended community event, the annual run attracts participation from people of all age groups, with more than 5000 people taking part in the event last year. Al Dana Green Run is the biggest Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) event undertaken by Doha Bank, and derives its name from Al Dana Savings Scheme, the bank’s flagship savings account scheme.

Doha Bank is keen on organizing the Al Dana race this year to emphasize solidarity and loyalty to achieve Qatar Vision 2030 and its future goals while cherishing Qatar’s national identity. This year’s activities include competitions for public participation, all of which come in an authentic heritage form.

The race has been redesigned with the addition of new features designed to meet the needs of the masses, including families and others. The race offers the public the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of cultural offerings and is a source of inspiration for building an authentic culture of innovation in Qatar.

The slogan “Tamim Al Majd” will be added to publications as one of the expressions of unity and support among all members of Qatari society.

Participants can register for the green run by going online at They can also visit Doha Bank branches in Doha City Centre, Doha Festival City, Mall of Qatar, Villaggio, Souq Waqif, Aspire for free registration (6pm – 9pm). To celebrate 13 years of the green run, Doha Bank has put together an enhanced agenda this year that will include as many as 9 race categories catering to different age groups and social segments. Huge number of prizes will be given out to the top finishers in each category.

Categories for the 13th Al Dana Green Run include:

  1. Male – Above 35
  2. Male – 18-35
  3. Male – Below 18
  4. Female – Above 35
  5. Female – 18-35
  6. Female – Below 18
  7. Special needs
  8. Professional athletes – Male
  9. Professional athletes – Female
  10. Doha Bank employees

Al Dana Green Run Participants

Al Dana Green Run Participants

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  • Games with mascots
  • Face painting
  • Football & Basketball games
  • Balloon twisting

Excercise Tips

Saving Water





Shamilah Halford Below 18 – Female 1st Place
Kiana Cherly Crane Below 18 – Female 2nd Place
Sophia Danielle Crane Below 18 – Female 3rd Place
Jessica Luisa Bakker Below 18 – Female 4th Place
Sanjana Harpalla Below 18 – Female 5th Place
Nicoleta Hodorogea 18 till 35 – Female 1st Place
Katerina Matousova 18 till 35 – Female 2nd Place
Loura Mary O. Shea 18 till 35 – Female 3rd Place
Akmal Hani Binti Ahmed 18 till 35 – Female 4th Place
Nina Elizabeth Moss 18 till 35 – Female 5th Place
Ann Firth Above 35 – Female 1st Place
Olain Albaligo Above 35 – Female 2nd Place
Ruth Josephine Above 35 – Female 3rd Place
Lily Saad Above 35 – Female 4th Place
Cheryl Mary Thomson Above 35 – Female 5th Place
Faith Chepkoech Professional athletes (women) 1st Place
Vicoty Chepkemoi Professional athletes (women) 2nd Place
Daisy Chepngeno Lanlat Professional athletes (women) 3rd Place
Dehima Kigen Professional athletes (women) 4th Place
A.R.Jamal Mohammed Below 18 – Male 1st Place
Abdulla Mohammed A. Below 18 – Male 2nd Place
Mohammed A. Fatah Below 18 – Male 3rd Place
Mohammad Atif Salim Below 18 – Male 4th Place
Mohammad Asim Iran Below 18 – Male 4th Place
Mohcine Zaytouni 18 till 35 – Male 1st Place
Rachid Boudalla 18 till 35 – Male 2nd Place
Muktar Hayo Husen 18 till 35 – Male 3rd Place
Kamal Fadili 18 till 35 – Male 4th Place
Mohamed Nasir 18 till 35 – Male 5th Place
Dancan Kariuki Heho Above 35 – Male 1st Place
Smaail Ahnssal Above 35 – Male 2nd Place
Ahmed Dabch Above 35 – Male 3rd Place
Umer Wako Kabeto Above 35 – Male 4th Place
Brahim Loumari Above 35 – Male 5th Place
Mustafa Bin Khou Professional athletes (men) 1st Place
Yasser Salem Mubarak Professional athletes (men) 2nd Place
Mohamed Shaib Professional athletes (men) 3rd Place
Soufiyan Bouqantar Professional athletes (men) 4th Place
Babker Abdou Esmail Professional athletes (men) 5th Place
Qatar Society for Rehab of Special needs Special needs participants  
Rehabilitation- Educational  Center Special needs participants  
QISH Rehabilitation Center Special needs participants  

Raffle Draw Winners

Ramesh Prasad Soni
Abdareshd Muhumed
Asghar Najafi
Nazar Ali
Ahmed Dabch

Al Dana 2017


Al Dana 2017 Winners

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