Al DANA a Vogue and an Icon


The Legendary and Inspiring Savings Scheme in Qatar Announces the Rewards for 2012

The most prominent saving scheme in Qatar has been publicized this week to proclaim a grander cascade of prizes and rewards to Al DANA loyal customers. Al DANA which has become the exclusive and definite household name throughout the years passed, knocks your door this year with promises that will induce smiles in your eyes and breed heartwarming musings in the minds of all people hopeful of captivating the greatest returns this year and who have been therefore contacting Doha Bank ceaselessly, eager to know about the Al DANA Couture that will walk the ramp in 2012.

Al DANA, the style editor, the modern inventor of all savings schemes offered in Qatar has been revealed yesterday with one promise “NEW LIFE”. The savings scheme is not only cherishing desires with anticipation or what people call it hope; it is serving a noble cause of giving a new lease of life. Actually, it is not a mere coincidence that Al DANA has become an intimate part of the lives of all people residing in Qatar, but rather because it sustained itself in being a true companion and a life changing product that no look alike has ever done.

During the launch event, R. Seetharaman- Doha Bank group CEO said: “Al DANA is a -Must Have- with inspiration lying in QR 12,000,000 to be given away to AL DANA loyal customers during the course of the year.”

He added: “The unorthodox creative minds at Doha Bank have created this year something quite special, comprising numerous prizes that have beyond value, spirit that will give you positive energy, taking liberty to dream of winning monthly in thousands and quarterly in millions. The household name product continues to carry matchless money multiplying possibilities to all of you.”

Mr. Nabil Tabbara Executive Manager-Retail Banking explained: “With a contemporary twist, Al DANA will bring extra excitement to your homes this year, with numerous valuable cash packets in 2012 to be won by Doha Bank’s loyal customers. Monthly 5 of you will win massive cash prizes of QR 50,000. It is quite flexible as you are only required to uphold a minimum monthly balance of QR1000 to get one chance to enter the draw. The more you maintain your balance, the greater are your likelihoods of winning with bonus chances given to you on top of your regular eligible chances.“

He continued: “And for those of you who prefer indulgence, with a minimum balance of QR 50,000, you will be rewarded with accolades of QR 250, 000 designated in monthly draws to be conducted all the way through the year to give 12 lucky winners a total of QR 3,000,000 which is enough to make your thoughts a reality. We are sure that once again Al DANA will be the topic to be discussed at any Majles and family gathering this year”.

Because Al DANA is a timeless masterpiece; it has revived nostalgia with a retro style draw from the years passed with quarterly pulls whereby one Al DANA customers will win QR 1,000,000 every quarter. And to reward loyalty, Al DANA has identified a QR 500,000 prize for all its customers who preserve a balance of QR 50,000 and above.Truly, the ritual of awarding customers for their fidelity has even got better with double and triple chances to be granted for retaining limits in your accounts.

And because Al DANA cares about your children, and about coaching your youngsters healthy money saving habits, Al DANA young saver springs today with a basket of fresh colorful awards, that will drive your kids manic for saving. In addition to the great monthly prizes comprising laptops and PlayStations, your kids might get the chance to fly to Mickey’s World- Disneyland which is waiting every quarter to receive one Al DANA young saver with open arms. For those of you who cherish education every six months one Al DANA young saver will declare a winner school fees for five consecutive years, worth more than 50,000 QR.

Seeing your life in silhouette of Dark and Light? Invest in AL DANA and enjoy a New Life. Call 44456000.