In your 20’s opportunities to earn money are ample, you just need to go and find it

Knowing where you want to be financially from a young age helps you to plan ahead so you can achieve your financial goals. It helps you make all the right choices and take the right decisions at the right time. So if you are in your 20s and your goal is to become a millionaire by the age of 40, then you have a lot a lot of saving to do. You might need to save at least 45% of your salary and invest your returns wisely. With the cost of living increasing on a constant basis, will you be able to save that much of your salary.

Doha Bank understands that it might be difficult for youth in their 20s to save a good portion of their salary on a monthly basis especially with the rising cost of living. To make their journey to riches shorter it has developed the Al Dana Savings Programme that will help the youth become millionaires in their twenties. The Al Dana Savings Programme does not impose any financial burden on the youth for it allows them to save as little as QAR 1000 a month only, yet gives them a chance to participate in 534 draws to win a million Qatari riyals. The Al Dana Savings Programme makes wealth creation easier and faster.

So make a wise choice, open an Al Dana Savings Account and you could be on your way to become a millionaire.